German (Business/Tourism)

  • German (Business/Tourism)
Title: Certificate in German for Business German Keyboard
Duration: 20 weeks for each module (over 1 year)
Entry Requirements: There are no specific entry requirements to join this course at beginners level.


German for Business is offered as three modules (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

This certificate is open to undergraduate or postgraduate students from all faculties in the university as well as members of the general public.  The course can be accessed through CAN-8, the computer-based language-learning platform in the University's multimedia Language Centre, allowing students to study at their own pace and in their own time as well as having the opportunity to attend weekly one hour tutor-contact sessions.  Each module will be delivered over two semesters.

Students must normally pass all three modules to be awarded the certificate.  Students can take one module or choose to take all three.


This module is aimed at those with little or no prior knowledge of German. It will develop linguistic skills with particular reference to business contexts and equip them to deal with a range of business situations, focusing on pronunciation using oral exercises alongside multiple choice and cloze questions for grammar issues. 

Topics include: Alphabet, Numbers, Dates, Countries, Occupations, Interviews, Meetings, and Grammar – verbs, personal pronouns, reflexive pronouns, modal verbs, adjectives along with rules on accusative, nominative, dative, genitive.


This module will build on linguistic competence gained in the introductory module. It is also open to those with A-Level German. More complex linguistic structures will be introduced to enable students to cope in a wide range of business situations using conversational and grammatical topics doing a variety of listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises.

Topics include: vocabulary, money, studying, banking, accounts, customer service, and grammar – conjunctions, separate and non-separate verbs, verb endings, adjectives, indirect object, pronouns.


This module will equip students with advanced linguistic skills linked to business situations.

Topics include: negotiating, interviews, contracts, banking etc. and builds on the grammar and pronunciation exercises previously completed in introductory and intermediate levels. By the end of this module the students will be fully conversant with business situations. Role-play, negotiating, conversation, and interview situations form a large part of the exercises for this module.